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Be In Christ Church of Canada

As our denomination, the Be In Christ Church of Canada (BIC) is more than a partner.  It’s our family. Together, we are a growing faith community - following Jesus, sharing his message, and extending his peace around the world.  Through the BIC’s commitment to supporting a unified body of churches, each living out Jesus’ message in their own context, we are able to partner with other BIC churches in Canada and around the world.

Together with the BIC, and alongside other BIC churches in Canada, we partner across our Global Church theme.

Global Church: Cooperative Ministries + Special Projects

Through the BIC partnerships with international churches, we are connected to churches in Central & Southern Africa, Central & South America, and South East Asia.  Each year we commit, alongside other BIC churches in Canada, to providing tangible material which equips pastors with theological training, teaching materials, and transportation thus enabling them and their congregations to reach their own communities for Jesus in a way that is both theologically sound and culturally relevant.  Despite Jesus’s message consisting of love and peace, not all communities are open to hearing it.  As the safety of those we partner with is at risk in some contexts, we commit to praying for them regularly and engaging in special projects as they arise.

To learn more about how we support the global church, watch the below video.