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Compassion at your site:

Act Local. Impact Global. 
Simple Choice. Big Results.

We believe that following Jesus includes serving and experiencing life among people who are on the margins of society. It’s a command that God doesn’t take lightly. In fact, serving the poor is the second most frequently mentioned topic in the Bible. Like following Jesus, compassion involves putting others before ourselves. It involves shifting our priorities and resources such as time, money, and effort to break out of daily routines and patterns.

We are committed to challenging ourselves to live simply so that we can give generously of our time and resources in order to live more compassionate lives and follow Christ’s example. 


The sense of need in our communities can be overwhelming and many times people don't even know where to start. Each Meeting House site has identified needs in their communities and developed a compassion focus which provides a starting point for getting involved. Our goal is to partner our own skills and capacities with others to positively impact our cities. We want people who call The Meeting House home to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their local communities. Click here to learn more about local compassion at The Meeting House.


We’ve committed to align ourselves with organizations who are doing excellent international development work. At present we support the work of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), the BIC Canada - Global, and World Vision Canada.  In addition, we support Extended Partners (missionaries) both here in Canada and in a variety of places around the globe. We also support people who call The Meeting House home with encouragement grants for short term ministry opportunities. Click here to learn more about global compassion at The Meeting House. 

More Info?

For more information about local or global compassion at The Meeting House, you can:

  • Check out the compassion section for your site
  • Speak to your site Compassion Coordinator or Lead Pastor