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Downtown Toronto Compassion Statement

Showing solidarity with those who live on or close to the street by partnering with existing organizations who are making a difference.

Local Partners

Yonge Street Mission
The Yonge Street Mission exists so that all the poor and vulnerable in Toronto that we encounter will experience God’s love, peace, and justice at a level that represents the highest stewardship of the resources invested.

The Dale

The Dale creates a safe welcoming space in which all people, particularly the vulnerable and broken, are encouraged to participate fully, to the best of their abilities and journey together toward a deeper experience of the life God has given us.

Adam House

Adam House is a home for newly arrived refugee claimants in Toronto. They provide recent, non-sponsored refugees with safe, short term accommodation. Their residents receive friendship and support from our staff, volunteers, and from each other. Adam House is a place where men, women, and families can find hope for their future, as we pray with them through challenges and celebrate successes.

Causeway is a Christ-focused initiative of The Salvation Army. It is committed to living out the presence of Jesus Christ by intentionally connecting members of the local church with people who were recently homeless but are beginning a new life in a neighborhood. The purpose is to build unlikely yet mutually beneficial friendships.

Please email Erica Blekkenhorst, Downtown Toronto Compassion Coordinator, with questions, suggestions, or to let us know how you’re serving in Toronto.
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