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Global Overview

We believe in giving of our finances globally which choosing to relationally give of our time, resources and other possessions locally.   We have carefully selected international agencies to partner with that demonstrate respect of those whose communities they have been invited into.  They work alongside local leaders, hlelping them develop and plan to build a future that is true to their own dreams and vision.

Global Partnerships - Organizations

Mennonite Central Committee Logo

Our partnership with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) began in 2007 out of shared Anabaptist roots and their reputation for engaging in outstanding work around the world.   To-date, through our commitment, millions of dollars has gone directly to support MCC programs in Southern Africa through our AIDS CARE campaign.  In addition our church has been educated through the sending of Africa Learning Teams to learn of the great work MCC is doing and to advocate upon return.  

Moving forward, we're committed to to continue working with MCC to invest further resources into their work both in Southern Africa, here in Ontario, and around the world.  Learn more about our partnership here.

World Vision Logo

On October 30, 2011, Tony Campolo brought the crowd to its feet at The Meeting House. His challenge was clear -- How are you making a difference in someone else's life? Campolo's visit marked the beginning of an emerging partnership between The Meeting House and World Vision Canada. To date people from The Meeting House sponsor approximately 2000 children -- all in the neighbouring communities of Mposa and Chamba, Malawi.

  • Improve maternal and child health and nutrition
  • Improve the quality of pre-primary and primary school-aged teaching and learning
  • Establish a child sponsorship program to create a vehicle for sustained child, family and community transformation

Click here to learn more about Mposa and Chamba.

BIC Canada

As a Be In Chirst Church of Canada (formerly Brethren in Christ), The Meeting House supports the work that BIC Canada-Global is doing around the globe. This includes supporting church planting and leadership compassion initiatives. Click here to learn more about BIC Canada.

Responding In Times of Need

Our partners, World Vision and MCC, are among those actively responding to global emergencies, such as the 2015 spring earthquakes in Nepal.  During these times they are quick to mobilize people on the ground so that relief efforts are immediately underway.  Their staff are trained and work alongside local agencies, strengthening overall capacity to provide much-needed assistance.  Please consider supporting World Vision and MCC international emergency relief efforts.