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Interested in running a Fundraiser?
When approaching businesses to support the campaign you can print off this Peacemakers Business Letter which briefly explains the purpose of the campaign and what the donations will go toward. This letter could be used to ask for financial donations, donations of items in the Relief Kit, or donations of prizes or silent auction items for your fundraisers.

Ten Fundraiser Ideas
  1. Silent Auction: Invite businesses to donate items for a silent auction to raise money for Peace Cards or to donate Relief Kit items. You can print off the Peacemakers Business Letter above to give to businesses when asking for donations.
  2. Bake Sale: Hold a Bake Sale at your site and have the proceeds go toward the campaign.
  3. Dessert Night: Host a dessert night for people to learn more about the programs we partner with through MCC. Invite your site, friends, and community members to the evening and ask people to donate a Peace Card at the end of the event.
  4. Board Game Tournament: Organize a board game tournament where the cost of entry is a Relief Kit or funds for the campaign. To increase the amount raised, create incentives for participants to raise more money for entry by giving them bonuses within the game. Invite businesses to give prizes for the winners of the tournament. 
  5. Chili Cook-Off: Organize a chili cook-off in your workplace with an entry fee of bringing items for Relief Kits or funds for Peace Cards. Have your staff team vote on who has the best chili and give the winners a prize.
  6. Pancake Breakfast: Hold a pancake breakfast and invite your neighbours, friends, and members from your site. Invite people to purchase tickets at a set price or do a ‘pay what you can’ ticket for the event.
  7. Fundraising Cards: Invite your children to create Thank You cards that they can sell in packs to your neighbours or to people at your site.
  8. Talent Show: Organize a talent show as a Home Church and invite members from your site and community to attend. To raise funds ask people to donate Relief Kit items as the price of admission while also selling food during the show to raise money for Peace Cards.
  9. 100 Pie Challenge: As a home church bake 100 pies and sell them at your workplace, site, or in your neighbourhood for $15. After selling all your pies you will have raised $1,500 (15 Peace Cards) toward your site goal!
  10. Sports Tournament: Host a sports tournament and invite teams to raise donations for their team to enter. Invite businesses to give prizes for the winners of the tournament. 
*Note: Before organizing your Peacemakers fundraising event please read through the Peacemakers Money Collection Procedures.