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Local Compassion Overview

In 2010, we committed to focus ourselves at each site in order to move beyond simple service to developing deeper relationships with people living on the margins. We primarily accomplish this through our home churches which serve in their own local communities.

Each site's Compassion Coordinator and Pastor have worked to identify how we can partner our capacities with the expertise of charities in our communities in order to come alongside the marginalized. We encourage home churches to rally their compassion efforts towards their site's local compassion goal but if a different passionate opportunity arises for you or your group – devote your time to that!

For more information on what we’re up to locally, go to your site page and click on the compassion button. 

Local Partnerships – Agencies

The Meeting House created a fund in 2011 to help support local agencies in our communities. The aim of the fund is to increase the capacity of local compassion agencies we partner with to walk with marginalized communities. As of Decemeber 2017 we've been able to give out over $1,470,000 to local agencies!

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Short Term Trip Support

People from The Meeting House have participated in short term mission trips with other organizations. As a church, we're pleased to be able to offer small encouragement grants in order to provide financial assistance for these types of trips. To receive a grant application, please email Matt Thompson.