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Raw Hope

Loving Like Jesus

Jesus teaches us to love the vulnerable, abandoned, and exploited. With such magnitude of hurt and need in this world, it can feel like an impossible task leaving us wondering how we can make a significant difference.

Thankfully, Jesus also encourages us to work together. As we come alongside each other, our actions are magnified and we collectively create a movement for positive impact.

Our church is following Jesus’ example to love those in the margins by partnering with World Vision, an agency with experience effectively working in the world’s most dangerous places where survival is a day-to-day challenge.  

Raw Hope Initiative

Some places in the world are so dangerous that, for children and families, each day is an intense struggle to stay alive. In these unstable countries, families suffer with the constant threats of violence, hunger, abuse and exploitation.  

Partering with the Raw Hope program is one way we can effectively provide immediate relief for those vulnerable to violence. This program strives for long-term solutions in countries that are too unstable for child sponsorship to be established. Raw Hope supports children at risk or in immediate danger living in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic, and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Syrian girl with doll

          “Nearly 250 million children are living in counties and areas affected by armed
            conflict.” (UNICEF, 2017)  

Raw Hope is bringing hope to children in areas where conflicts are neglected and charities are consistently underfunded. The program reaches areas that other humanitarian organizations are leaving, having deemed too dangerous to continue operation.

           “Children make up more than half of the 65.6 million people forcibly displaced from
            their homes.” (UNHCR, 2017)

Thanks to your generous gifts to the Compassion Fund, we are already supporting Raw Hope and enabling World Vision to address the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.

Through our continued partnership with World Vision we can meet the critical life-saving needs of those currently without food, water, shelter, and healthcare. We can provide children a safe place to learn and play that is protected from predators and abuse. We can promote peacebuilding activities that bring healing to people and lay the foundation for a fractured society to live in unity. 

We invite you to join our partnership by giving to the Compassion Fund. We welcome you to pray for those who are facing extreme conflict daily, and for World Vision as they risk so much in bringing Raw Hope to those living in the most dangerous places.

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