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New here?giving FAQs

give through your bank

Pre-Authorized Withdrawal
If you would like to give regularly, your gifts can be deducted directly from your bank account. It’s convenient, easy, and the most cost effective way to give to The Meeting House.
1. Please complete this form.
2. Drop it into the offering basket with a VOID cheque, or mail to:
The Meeting House Donations
2700 Bristol Circle
Oakville, ON L6H 6E1
3. Need to change? Click here to modify your gift.

Web Banking
To give through your bank, you will need an account number. It’s the same as your donations envelopes. If you do not have an account number, request one here.
1. Go to the “Bill Pay” section of your online banking
2. Set up a new payee as “The Meeting House” (It may display as The Meeting House Church Family)
3. If your account number is less than five digits, enter zeros ahead of your number to make it the correct length.
4. Using your five-digit account number in place of the asterisks, select which fund you wish to donate to:
General Fund: *****GEN
Growth Fund: *****GRW
Compassion Fund *****COM
5. Select the amount and frequency of your gifts and submit