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giving FAQs

  • What is the difference between the General, Growth and Compassion Funds?

    The General Fund is our primary fund which covers our general expenses - salaries, rent, program costs - and supports how we communicate our message, grow our community, care for people and serve those around us. This is where people typically give their regular donations (tithe). The Growth Fund provides the capital and start-up funds required to launch and expand our sites, and create new discipleship tools to resource our community. The Compassion Fund raises money to give externally to global and local compassion partners.

  • How will my donations be used?

    Your donations are primarily used to help us communicate the message of Jesus through the work of The Meeting House. A portion of your offering also goes to our BIC denomination and partner agencies to fund their work in Canada and around the world. 97% of our income comes from donors like you. We are not regularly sponsored by any group or denomination. For a detailed view of where the money goes, audited financial statements are available upon request by contacting Judy Maranta.

  • Will I get a tax receipt?

    Yes. Annual Canadian tax receipts are available online in February for all donations. You can get up to 40% of your offerings back from the government through your tax return depending on how much you give and your income level. Some people use their refunds as an opportunity to give even more. Online Tax Receipts are available here

  • Can I donate online through my chequing account?

    Yes!  You can give through your bank via web banking or pre-authorized giving.

  • Can I donate by credit card?

    Yes. Our credit card donations are managed through pushpay. At our Oakville Production Site, we have a debit/credit card terminal at both of our Info Desks.

  • Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    Yes. The Meeting House keeps all personal information confidential. Your contributions are kept in strict confidence, and only those who process the information for tax receipts and use it for planning purposes have access to the records. We will not share any personal information unless required by law. Questions about our privacy policy should be directed to our Operations Manager, Andrew Scanlan (905.287.7000 ext.802).
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  • How much should I give?

    The Bible talks about giving a “tithe” (10%) of our income as a good standard to follow.  But that is not a hard and fast rule.  For some, 10% sounds like a lot of money, and they choose to start by giving 4% or 5% and increase that amount over time.  Many others choose to give with radical generosity and give well above 10%.

  • Can I give using my smartphone?

    Yes! Text the word “TMH" to 77977 and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Can I donate securities?

    Yes. If you donate securities, you will not pay capital gains tax, and you will receive a charitable receipt for the full market value of the securities. For details, please contact Judy Maranta at 905.287.7000 ext.7013 or
  • Can I leave a gift in my will?

    Yes. The donation can be a pre-determined amount, a percentage of an estate, or the residue left after providing for all other beneficiaries. For assistance, The Meeting House recommends the free professional services of Abundance Canada.
  • Can I donate real estate, RRSP’s, life insurance or other types of assets?

    For gifts of this nature, The Meeting House recommends the professional services of Abundance Canada to determine if we can accept your gift. Please contact Abundance for a free, no-obligation consultation.
  • I don't have a will. What can I do?

    For assistance with personal estate planning, The Meeting House recommends the no-charge consultation services of Abundance Canada.
  • More questions? | 905.287.7000 ext.7026