The Meeting House

New here?home church FAQs

Why Home Church?

The primary way we do community is through small groups of people meeting in their homes, learning together, praying, caring for one another, and discovering the unique ways God has created us to help in our communities. We believe real church happens when we turn our chairs to face one another. The goal is to share life together and grow deeper spiritual friendships.

What to Expect?

All of our Home Churches are open and very welcoming of newcomers, you can show up this week and jump straight in! It's a casual vibe with people sitting around in living rooms, talking about what stood out to them from the teaching and key Bible passage that week. It’s a safe place—no questions are out of bounds, and there’s no expectation of assumed knowledge. 

After you check one out for a while, don't feel like you have to stay if you feel that you don't connect with the flavour of that group, if their dog bites you, or if their potted plants are giving you allergies. Feel free to change it up until you find a group that suits you.

We'd love to hang out with you. CLICK HERE to find a Home Church in your area.