The Meeting House

New here?home church FAQs

This week, all across your community, people are meeting in homes to live out our vision of real church. It’s easy to check out a group in your neighborhood. All you have to do is:

Look it up,  show up, change it up

Look it up: We have a growing number of Home Churches primarily in Southern Ontario, Canada but also around the world in the form of distance groups. If you want to get involved in one, search, either by clicking here, or by navigating to one of our site locations and clicking on the Home Church Search button which will bring up the sites associated with that location.

Show up: Once you find one close to you, just show up on the night they meet. It might not hurt to contact the leader to see if everything is good to go for that night but definitely don't be shy! 

Change it up? After you check one out for a while, don't feel like you have to stay if you feel that you don't connect with the flavour of that group, if their dog bites you, or if their potted plants are giving you allergies. Feel free to change it up until you find a group that suits you.

Check out a few videos to get a better sense of what Home Churches are all about.