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how to start a distance group

If there isn’t a Home Church in your area – why not start one? We call these “Distance Groups” and there are several groups meeting around the world right now.

  1. The first thing you should do is check out the Distance Groups Page on Facebook. This page provides you with the tools to see where distance groups are meeting, and to find others in your area. We have created two maps to make this information easily accessible. You can find these listed on the left column of the page.
    • Map 1 titled Group Locations plots the locations we are currently aware of where people are meeting together.
    • Map 2 titled Looking to Connect plots the locations of people still looking to participate in a group or find others in their area.
  2. Want to add your information so others can connect with you? Fill out our online form and we will add you to the appropriate map in our next refresh.
  3. No Distance Group meeting in your area? Consider starting one yourself. It's so easy!
    1. Fill out our online form and we will add you to the Distance Groups map.
    2. Check out the Looking to Connect map and if there are people in your area, email them and let them know you're starting a group and would love to have them join you.
    3. Start meeting -- encourage everyone to listen to the teaching, and read over the home church questions before you meet. You'll have an amazing time, trust us.
Still have questions? Contact Zulema Smith, our Project Manager.