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Distance Groups

Wanting to connect with other people, but don’t live in a city where there is a Meeting House site? Have you considered starting or joining a Distance Group? A Distance Group is a gathering of people who follow The Meeting House teaching and come together to learn, pray, care for one another, and discover the unique ways God has created us to help in our communities.

How do you get started? First, join the Distance Groups Facebook Group. By joining the group you’ll be able to interact with people around the world who are looking to connect with others in their geographic area. Second, start posting. If you’re starting a group or are currently in a group, let the Distance Group community know about your group and how they can connect with you. If you’re looking to connect, let the community know the area you live in.

Meeting is easy -- encourage everyone to listen to the teaching, and read over the home church questions before you meet. You can listen to or watch the teaching online via our website, iTunes, and YouTube. And the Teaching Notes and Home Church Questions can be found on our website and iTunes. Still have questions? Contact Zulema Smith, our Project Manager.