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why home church?

We believe that church is about more than just coming and hearing someone speak on a Sunday. Home Church is where we get to ask questions, figure out life together, care for one another and discover the unique ways God has created us to help out in our communities.

Sundays are a great time for all of us to get together and learn. But if we leave it at that, we’re missing out on a lot. We feel that it is only when people connect relationally with one another, discuss ideas, serve together, and learn to get along, that they truly function spiritually as God intended. In fact, we often say if you have to choose between Sunday morning and Home Church – choose Home Church! 

We really love Home Church. Have we mentioned that yet?

If you want to find one in your area, you can search for one here or you can choose one of our locations from the top menu and click Home Church Search to get all the groups in that area.