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New here?kidmax FAQs

kidmax FAQs

  • What is Kidmax?

    Kidmax is our Sunday morning program for children from infants to grade 5. We work together to create a safe community where our kids can learn to love and follow Jesus. Our Kidmax Ministry Values are:
    • Helping our kids understand and live Jesus’ message
    • Developing caring discipleship relationships for kids through a small group experience
    • Contributing to the overall discipleship experience of families in each of our local communities
    • Equipping and mobilizing our community to invest in our kids


  • How do I register my child for Kidmax?

    You can register your child by completing a Kidmax registration card at any of our sites on a Sunday morning.

  • Do you use a volunteer screening process?

    Yes. All of our volunteers undergo a nine-step security clearance process to ensure the safety of everyone in kidmax. These steps are outlined in our Plan to Protect policy, which you can access by clicking here.

  • What happens if my child needs me during the service?

    All of our sites have a parent paging system and each family receives their own pager number. If your child needs you, your family pager number will appear on the screen next to the kidmax logo.

  • Can I stay in my child’s classroom if they’re unsettled?

    Yes.  A parent may stay in a classroom with their child if needed.

  • Can my child go into a classroom that’s intended for a different age group?

    Families are encouraged to drop their children off in the correct classroom according to their year of birth. If a parent prefers to drop off their child in a different classroom, for example, in the classroom of a sibling, both children will be dropped off in the classroom of the younger child.

  • Will my child receive a snack in kidmax?

    Cheerios and arrowroot cookies are available in all classrooms for children ages 2 and younger. Children age three and older do not receive a snack unless it is part of the day’s lesson.  Allergy alert signs will be posted outside your child's classroom if a snack is being served during a lesson activity.

  • Can my child bring their own toy/snack into the classroom?

    Our classrooms are full of age appropriate toys and activities so encourage your child to leave their toys at home. For safety reasons, no outside food or drinks should be brought into the classroom. (Bottles are fine in our Infants and Crawlers rooms as long as it is clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name.)

  • How often do you sanitize your classrooms?

    All toys are sprayed with a non-toxic, natural cleaning solution each Sunday. Quilts and diaper changing surfaces are washed each week. Classroom carpets are vacuumed monthly. All Kidmax materials are brought back to the Production Site to be cleaned regularly, and replaced as needed.

  • How can I help my child learn at home?

    Your child will receive take-home lesson material that can be used to help incorporate what they learned on Sunday into their weekly routine! Our Parent Blog includes many of these resources, and our Kids and Youth Curriculum website has even more! 

  • What does my child’s offering support?

    Children are encouraged to bring an offering to Kidmax on Sunday to learn about tithing and why we give to God. Money collected in Kidmax goes to our General Fund, unless a special project has been announced (such as our Peacemakers or Repurpose campaigns, food drives, etc). For more information on our General Fund visit our Giving Page.

  • Should I bring indoor shoes for my child?

    Make sure your child wears some form of footwear in class. If for any reason we need to evacuate our classrooms, there may not be time to put shoes or boots on before going outside.

  • When does my child move to their new class?

    All classroom move-ups happen in September (not on your child’s birthday). Building community between kids and their peers and leaders is really important to us! For this reason, classroom assignments are made based on your child’s year of birth. The only exception to this is when our preschoolers are moving from an Infants room to a Crawlers room or from a Crawlers room to a Walkers room. These classroom changes can be made when you feel your child is able!

  • How can I update my contact information?

    If your contact information changes throughout the year, please let us know! You can update your file by filling out a kidmax registration card at check-in or online here.