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weekend service opportunities

Music Team

Music is a crucial part of our weekend service.  We're always looking for musicians to use their gifts, providing people with an inviting opportunity to engage in singing and freedom of expression without distraction.  The time commitment of a music volunteer will vary according to need, but the rehearsal prior to ones scheduled Sunday is mandatory.  An audition will also be mandatory for each volunteer hoping to get involved.  If you're interested, please contact your local music coordinator and take a moment to fill out our application form here.

Prayer Team

The prayer team is available on Sunday morning to pray for our community, church and specific needs on Sunday after the service.  Volunteers usually serve once every three weeks and are willing to meet with people for prayer and care requests.  The prayer team gathers regularly for corporate prayer times.

Setup Team

Volunteers work in teams to unload trailers, and set-up the gear to ensure an excellent environment for our weekend services.  This includes audio, video, lights, lobby, signs, kids and youth equipment and gear.  At the end of the service the teams take down, pack up and store the equipment back in the trailer.  At most sites, teams often form subgroups that specialize in a specific area of set-up.  No experience is required as training will be provided.  This is a physically active role.  Volunteers usually serve once every three weeks. 

Trailer Driver

This volunteer arrives early to pick up and drive the trailer to a site before the set-up team arrives.  Must be 25 years or older, with a valid G license.  Experience in driving a trailer or towing is preferred.

Tech Team

Tech volunteers setup, operate and troubleshoot the audio and video components of our weekend services, including the sound board, video consoles, and lights.  Oakville site tech volunteers also participate on the production team to produce our teaching for all sites.  These volunteers usually serve on a once every three week rotation.

Welcome Team

Volunteers ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment for all who attend our services.  From greeting at the door to providing information, resources and coffee to helping people find their way, this role is key in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere on a Sunday morning.  These outgoing volunteers serve once every three weeks. 

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