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officiating weddings

Looking for a Meeting House Pastor to officiate at your wedding?

If you’d like a Meeting House Pastor to officiate at your wedding, we typically require the following:

  1. Attendance at one of our Marriage Preparation Workshops.
  2. Meetings with a Marriage Mentor couple that you’ll be matched with after the Marriage Prep Workshop.
  3. Submission of our Wedding Information Form that you can find at the bottom of this page. Please read all the information on this page first. You can connect direclty with the pastor at your site (or a pastor from another site), to inquire about their availability to officiate at your wedding.

In order to allow sufficient time to arrange for a pastor and marriage preparation, it is preferred that you start the process at least six months in advance of your wedding date.

Our Oakville Lead Pastor, Bruxy Cavey, does not officiate weddings. During busy times of the ministry year or popular wedding weekends it may not always be possible, but we can suggest other options to have someone officiate at your wedding.


The costs involved include an honorarium and mileage reimbursement for the pastor, and could include accommodation costs as well.

The honorarium for the pastor(s), whether officiating or participating in the rehearsal and the wedding, is $400 per pastor.  Though every wedding is unique, there are often common elements that require a significant amount of time and attention for our pastoral staff. Commonly, these elements involve:

  • Pre-meeting(s) and communication with the couple
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Service/message preparation
  • Commuting/travel time
  • Service involvement

Although your particular ceremony may be something simple (or perhaps even more complex), we have set one standard officiating rate of $400 for the sake of clarity and consistency and mileage costs of $0.47/km.

For significant distances it may be necessary to provide accommodation for the pastor.

  • Wedding Information Form
    If you would like to have one of our Meeting House pastors officiate at your wedding, please fill out this online Wedding Information Form.