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New here?young adult FAQs

young adult FAQs

  • How old is "Young Adult"?

    Our Young Adults are generally in the post-high school to twenty-somethings range but we’re pretty flexible. 

  • Is this a singles group?

    Nope. There are people in all stages of relationships: single, dating and married. We like that combo!

  • Are there Home Churches for Young Adults only?

    Yes, some sites have Home Churches that are designated for Young Adults.  Not all Young Adults will choose to attend these groups, but will still connect at Young Adult events.

  • What kind of Young Adults events are there?

    This will vary from site to site but generally includes things like movie nights, seminars, retreats, compassion activities, theme parties, book clubs and more. Connect with your pastor or local Young Adults coordinator or your site's Facebook page.