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The Meeting House High Park, 125 Evelyn Crescent

Lead Pastor
Rob Schellenberg Tel.: 416.316.3074
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Sunday Service Time
10:00 am-11:00 am – Music & Teaching 
(full program for Infants to Grade 8)

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The Meeting House High Park is located inside the school at Kennedy Ave and Glenlake Ave. Underground parking is offered off Glenlake Ave with steps that exit right in front of the south entrance off of the south large field which leads to The Meeting House High Park.

Accessibility is also offered through the loading ramp entrance off Evelyn Crescent. The accessibility entrance is the same driveway that The Meeting House truck is parked in. It's easiest to park on the road near that entrance.

If you are unsure you are at the right school, just look for the many Meeting House signs that are there to guide you!

High Park Blog

  • Tue 09 Apr

    Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2019

    Easter 2019

    Join us on Good Friday (April 19) and Easter Sunday (April 21) for an hour-long gathering of music, reading from the Bible, a short message, and reflections from members of our church community. There’s no dress code and no need to bring anything. Come as you are — the coffee’s on us!

    Head to for all the details.


  • Thu 24 Jan

    Ears to Hear - Learning from Women's Voices

    Each year at The Meeting House we have a Peace & Reconciliation series that addresses important social and relational issues within secular society and within the Christian Church. Associated with that series we also host an “Ears to Hear” event, which gives us an opportunity to listen to and learn from voices that have been underrepresented in the historic life of the Western Church in which we find ourselves. Last year we were blessed to hear from non-European...


  • Wed 05 Sep

    Church in the park

    Church in the park invite

    This Sunday, September 9 High Park is hanging the park! Join us for music, stories, games, and BBQ at High Park Site Four, at 10:00am.


  • Thu 22 Mar

    Easter 2018

    Easter 2018 Dates

    Join us this Easter at one of our sites as we remember and celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. On Good Friday, we will be taking a closer look at how Jesus meets us in our suffering and then celebrating the redemption and hope that comes on Easter Sunday. There will be live music and short videos, followed by a reading from the Bible and a short devotion.

    To view our locations and service times, check out: easter


  • Tue 05 Dec

    Christmas Together | Christmas Eve 2017

    Christmas Together 2017

    This year we're doing someting new! For the first time ever, we are celebrating Christmas Eve across all our Regional Sites! 
    It's a great opportunity to come together in our local communities and connect with friends and neighbours, new and old, who make up the wonderful neighbourhoods were our sites meet on Sunday mornings. 

    For more info about service times and locations go to christmas

    Curious about what it looks like to spend Christmas...


  • Sat 26 Aug

    Where Sunday School Failed Me

    Kids & Youth Curriculum

    When I was a youth pastor, I remember having a young man tell me that he had learned so much in his time with me. I was humbled, but curious what was behind him saying that to me, I asked him what it was that prompted him to say that. He told me that in his previous church experience, he had been taught stories from the Bible in a very detached way from his own life, and that sometimes they had a “punch line” of sorts but without any clear application to life, connection to Jesus...


  • Tue 01 Aug

    Cards for Charity

    High Park Blog

    My parents fled a war-torn Sri Lanka in 1983 to come to Canada with the hopes of giving their children a better life. My parents worked multiple jobs to provide for my brother and I, as well as those around them. My father always exemplified the importance of helping others through his actions. For example, he helped new immigrants and refugees find jobs, provided financial assistance to people in need, and spent time visiting and feeding the sick.

    My mother raised me with solid...


  • Thu 20 Jul

    THE "F" WORD


    (RE)UNION 9 of 10

    Just a friendly reminder today that the biblical word for “faith” ( pistis ) is the same word for “faithfulness” (also  pistis ). We are saved by faith (trust) which will manifest itself in a lifelong committed love relationship (faithfulness).

    It’s that way with any marriage isn’t it. When Nina and I were married, our vows to each other were a one time act of trust (faith), which means that we will now live in committed...


  • Thu 13 Jul


    Hands Praying 

    (RE)UNION 7 OF 10

    Sometimes I hear from someone who says, “I like your book(s), but I disagree with you about religion – I think it’s a good thing.”

    Do we really disagree about religion? Or just about the word “religion”? Whatever the disagreement, I’ve seen both sides represented among a variety of Christian heavy hitters who use the word “religion” in apparently opposite ways....


  • Thu 13 Jul



    (RE)UNION 8 OF 10

    Self-transcendence (getting out of ourselves and connected to a higher reality) is what God designed us for. Like headphones, we aren’t really being what we were made to be until we are connected to a source of music beyond ourselves.

    We can transcend UP through things like prayer, meditation, worship, and simply waking up to an awareness of God’s presence all around us – what some have called “practicing the presence of God.”...


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