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The Meeting House High Park, 125 Evelyn Crescent

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Rob Schellenberg Tel.: 416.316.3074
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Sunday Service Time
10:00 am-11:00 am – Music & Teaching 
(full program for Infants to Grade 8)

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The Meeting House High Park is located inside the school at Kennedy Ave and Glenlake Ave. Underground parking is offered off Glenlake Ave with steps that exit right in front of the south entrance off of the south large field which leads to The Meeting House High Park.

Accessibility is also offered through the loading ramp entrance off Evelyn Crescent. The accessibility entrance is the same driveway that The Meeting House truck is parked in. It's easiest to park on the road near that entrance.

If you are unsure you are at the right school, just look for the many Meeting House signs that are there to guide you!

High Park Blog

  • Tue 24 Jan

    The Power of One

    This year we are sharing stories of how the High Park site is engaged in compassion. This week Pam Mugford, who volunteers with the Jane-Bloor Home Church at the Sharing Place, tells us how she rallied our site and those in the neighbourhood to help.

    One day this past summer, while reading through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a post about The Sharing Place (the food bank that our Home Church supports). I have seen this organization’s name appear a few times in my newsfeed and...


  • Fri 20 Jan


    Yes, you read it correctly, no service at our High Park site this Sunday, January 22nd. 

    We’ve all heard the phrase that God works in mysterious ways and this just may qualify. We received notice, late this morning, from the Toronto District School Board that there will be no heat at the school this Sunday (Jan 22).  There was a water main break and flooding, they need to do some work at the school over the weekend which requires them to shut down the heating.  No...


  • Thu 12 Jan

    Compassion at High Park in 2017


    We will Trust in God and Grow in our understanding of His love for all creation so that we can then Give of what we have, receive of what we need as we Go into our neighbourhoods Together


    Regardless of our life situation, we all have something to give. For some it may be money, for others it may be time or skills. Each of us has agency to help others, but the people that we show up to serve can also serve us in ways we had never imaged....


  • Thu 07 Jul

    Heart for the City Update | High Park Summer 2016

    Heart for the City is where Meeting Housers across all our sites, go out into our communities and organize and participate in events that reach out to our neighbours.

    This year, the High Park Home Churches organized 3 events: a Food Drive for The Toronto Sharing Place and Wesley Mimico United Church Food Bank, Party in the Park, and the Walk for Emily.

    Thank you to everyone who helped organize and participate in these events. With your help we participated in helping to alleviate...


  • Mon 06 Apr

    The Look of Love

    The Look of Love

    The Look of Love: The Fruit of the Spirit in Living Colour

    Starts April 1 9 in Regional Sites

    The Fruit of the Spirit can infuse our lives in beautiful, practical ways. As we ask what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in us and who he wants us to become, we can start to work cooperatively with the Holy Spirit. We will unpack the New Testament teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit and what our lives look like in that light.  


  • Fri 06 Mar

    Easter 2015: The Body of Christ

    Easter 2015

    Series starts Sunday, March 29
    Easter Services:
        Good Friday, April 3 | 10:00 am
        Scotiabank Theatre
       Easter Sunday, April 6 | 10:00 am
        High Park Site
    In the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we discover God’s message to the world. It became the mission of his disciples to embody this message: to be like Jesus, to live like Jesus, to suffer like Jesus, and to die like Jesus. Join us this Easter as we explore...


  • Fri 06 Mar

    Maxed Out: Rebelling Against the Culture of Excess

    Maxed Out series

    Starts Sunday, March 15 
    Stretched? Striving? Stuck? Never seem to have enough? Our culture screams for excess in every area of life, yet most of us already feel maxed out. Jesus calls us to revolt against this ideology of excess, so that we can say YES to what actually gives us life. Join us as we explore the implications of this new rebellion in the way we spend our time and our money. 


  • Sat 31 Jan

    Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line: A Scandalous Love that Can Change the World 

    Starts February 8 in Regional Sites 

    Jesus’ love inspires us to form real relationships with people who are different from us. Cutting across the lines that separate race, gender, and social class, this risky and sometimes scandalous approach to everyday relationships provides the hope that our world desperately needs.


  • Mon 20 Oct

    ISIS, Islam, and Jesus

    ISIS, Islam, and Jesus

    ISIS, Islam, and Jesus

    Starts November 2 in Oakville and November 9 in Regional Sites

    Everyone is talking about ISIS. Bring your friends, and the conversation here for our upcoming series on  ISIS, Islam, and Jesus
    Cities overthrown. masses driven from their homes. Thousands killled. Women taken as slaves. How should we respond?


  • Fri 03 Oct

    Big Buts of the Bible: October teaching series

    Big Buts of the Bible


    The Before & After Difference Jesus Makes 

    Starts October 5 in Oakville and October 12 in Regional Sites

    Before and after images are some of the Bible’s best tools for conveying the radical change that Jesus brings. From law to grace, from animal sacrifice to living sacrifice, from enemies to friends. Often these before and after images are expressed verbally as: This is how it was, BUT now this is how it is. Join us while we explore some of the...


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