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10:00 am – Music & Teaching
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  • Thu 10 Nov

    We Will Remember

    Occasionally, I’m asked if a peace church like ours that promotes non-violent enemy love should pause to commemorate Remembrance Day or if individual Christ-followers should wear poppies and participate in Remembrance Day events.

    Pacifists, like anyone, have differing opinions – there is no one right answer. But my approach, and our approach at The Meeting House, has always been to use Remembrance Day as an opportunity to...


  • Mon 07 Nov

    We're turning 30. Let's party!

    We're turning 30, so we're having a party (and you're invited!) 

    Get your dancing shoes ready for The Meeting House's 30th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 12 at our Oakville Production Site !
    Family from across all our sites will be gathering to share stories, dance (with music courtesy of DJ Brux-E-Brux), and celebrate the work of The Meeting House over the past three decades!

    The festivities start at 6pm. All ages welcome. 




  • Sat 05 Nov

    Why Hacksaw Ridge Is One of My New Favourite Movies

    Image courtesy of Elevation Pictures

    I'm very grateful to have been given the chance to see an advance screening of this new WWII drama. I knew the story of Desmond Doss, I had heard interviews and watched the trailers, and I was, admittedly, determined to appreciate this film. At the same time, I was a little apprehensive, because the subject matter is so important, it would have been tragic if the movie was not an "A" grade movie. I'm happy to say, this movie is an A+.

    Here are five...


  • Mon 17 Oct

    3 Characteristics of Being an Ambassador for the Jesus Nation

    I’d like you to ask yourself this question: “What do I need to do to be the ambassador God has called me to be?” I follow Greg Koukl’s lead, who teaches on the importance of knowledge, wisdom, and character. He points out that these [knowledge, wisdom, and character] are three prerequisites for being a good ambassador.


    Knowledge means you understand the policies of the government you represent. If you’re going to be an ambassador...


  • Wed 05 Oct

    Making an Impact, One Life at a Time: A Mposa and Chamba Update

    Over the past five years, we as a church family have been supporting our brothers and sisters in Chamba and Mposa, Malawi through our compassion partnership with World Vision Canada . Here are some of the ways the generosity of our community has helped to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters in these two communities.


    Two years ago, several village chiefs attended training to learn about children's rights. This resulted in the creation of new by-laws ensuring...


  • Fri 16 Sep

    Welcome to East Toronto!

    The first time I walked around The Beaches neighbourhood was powerful. There is something about the atmosphere of feeling the warm summer breeze coming off the water, seeing children laughing and playing in the park, hearing a couple chat while walking their dog, watching young people going into a locally owned coffee shop and being known by their name and regular order, smelling someone’s delicious BBQ grilling in their backyard… It feels like home .



  • Wed 14 Sep

    The Meeting House on Campus! (Well, sort of...)

    The Meeting House University and College Campus

    Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the school year your schedules will slowly start to normalize and you’ll be finding your groove as new routines develop. However, one aspect of our back-to-school routine that often goes by the wayside when we leave home is going to church. If you’re a university or college student looking to connect with a Christian community, or if you’re thinking of exploring what it means to follow Jesus, you can find a Meeting...


  • Sun 07 Aug

    5 Reasons Why We Can’t Fight Spiritual Wars and Earthly Wars at the Same Time

    5 Reasons Why We Can’t Fight Spiritual Wars and Earthly Wars at the Same Time

    The Bible teaches Christians that we are engaged in a spiritual war against a spiritual enemy. The implication seems to be that we ought not get involved in physical, earthly wars, but focus on the real war behind all wars. In fact, this is what the clear teaching of Jesus, the example of Jesus, and the teachings of the early Church confirm.

    Still, I'm sometimes asked, “Can't we be involved in a spiritual battle AND take on any earthly enemy with actual weapons and be involved...


  • Thu 16 Jun

    When Compassion Fatigue Hits...

    “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”
    - Jesus in the “Lord’s Prayer”

    For most of the past 22 years I’ve worked in the area of compassion, mission, and justice. Along the way, when I see the news or learn about new needs, sometimes I get overwhelmed and discouraged. I get ”compassion fatigue.” Does this ever happen to you?

    If so, we can feel forced into two choices: either burnout or to find a way to ignore the needs...


  • Thu 19 May

    The Ecuador Earthquakes, the Fort McMurray Wildfire, and What We Can Do to Be Prepared

    Reports from Reuters say that “The April 16th earthquake, Ecuador's worst in nearly seven decades, flattened buildings along the coast… Two earthquakes struck Ecuador's coast on Wednesday, causing minor injuries and light damage in the same region where a magnitude 7.8 tremor killed more than 650 people last month.”  To top it off, this morning at 7:05am Ecuador experienced another earthquake with 4.6 magnitude.

    Yesterday, the Albertan wildfire...


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