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Fri 18 Sep

8 Reasons to Download the NEW Meeting House App

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Sure our old app was great and served us faithfully—see what I did there with that adverb… because we’re a church and all and… oh never mind— and I know change might be harder for some than others, but I’ve got eight reasons as to why you should take the plunge and download our new app. 

  1. Do you have a BlackBerry? Because our new app is available on BlackBerry World, and you can now join the fun. Sorry we left you out with the old app!
  2. Notes, Quotes, and Home Church Questions at your finger tips. All your Sunday morning needs are now in one place. Simple select the teaching series, click on the message title and you’ll be able to follow along with the teaching during the service. If you’re interested in the quotes, or might have missed a few at the beginning of the video, we’ve also got those for you right here. Best of all, the home church questions are also just a click away so you’ll be ready for home church! No more jumping between different links, apps, and printed programs, everything is now in one tidy place. 
  3. Take, tag, and save your own notes. As you follow along with the teaching, you can now add your own notes directly in the teaching notes. That’s right, we’re talking notes on notes on notes. It as easy as tapping on the screen, and typing in your notes. Once you add a note you can easily add any number of tags to help you easily find your notes later on. Tagging your notes keeps them organized and will make access to them easier than ever when you decide you want to look up that thing you wrote down during that sermon series however many months ago. You know, that one you thought you would never forget but did anyway? Yeah, that’s the one. Good thing you saved it! 
  4. Popup Bible verse and references. Whenever the teaching notes reference a passage of scripture, you will be able to click on the reference and the full passage will popup on your screen directly in the notes. No more need to switch between our app and another widely popular Bible app (ahem, YouVersion, ahem). Tap on the verse and POOF, it’s right there. [Note: we are currently in the process of getting access to more translations. Check back in a few weeks for new updates.]
  5. Automatic syncing across all your devices. One of the questions I’m often asked is “why do I have to create a profile and log in?” Well, right off the bat I will tell you that you can skip the login process and proceed straight to the app without signing in, BUT, there are two top reasons why you should create your own login (this is the first, the second will be my next point). When you create a user profile, all the notes you make and the tags you add will automatically save to that profile. This means that if you lose your phone, bring a new iPad to home church, or borrow someone else’s devices, you will still have access to all your notes when you sign in. Simply put, as long as you have your login you will always have access to your notes regardless of the device.  
  6. Site specific news and info. The second benefit to creating your own login is that you can select the site you attend and receive updates, events, and other information about that specific site directly in your newsfeed. This will help you know what’s going on at your local site and in your community without having to sort through the news of what’s happening everywhere else. Because let’s be real for a second, if you live in Waterloo you may not be interested in that fun picnic they’re having in Ottawa, unless they invite us, would they invite us? It’s a long drive but a nice Saturday afternoon in the capital would be a treat— alas, I digress. 
  7. Easy access to the teaching. Miss a Sunday? Want to re-listen to the message from last week? Click on the speaker icon next to the title of the message and you’ll be able to download the teaching and listen to it directly on the app. You will be able to access the teaching you’ve downloaded on airplane mode or without having to connect to any networks. If you want to watch the teaching, just click the sermon video button and you will automatically be linked to YouTube. No awkward streaming or slow downloading, just quick and easy access to the video directly on YouTube. 
  8. Connecting with your site’s Pastors, Coordinators, and Leaders is now easier than ever. Once you’ve selected your site, click on the ‘People’ tab from the side menu and you’ll be one click away from emailing, calling, or texting the leaders at your local site. Connecting with our staff has literally never been easier, literally. Feel like texting Amanda Miles because you have a question about that compassion event? Just find her name, near the top of the list in Oakville, click that text icon, and boom— you are now texting Amanda (her number is 289-681-0761 if you want to text her and tell her how much you love the new app). ;-)  

Send us feedback! Not necessarily a reason to download this app, but sending feedback is now as easy as clicking the ‘Feedback’ button. We’re always looking for ways to make this tool even better and we love hearing back from our community. Thanks so much for contributing! 

We will be saying goodbye to our old app in a couple of weeks so make sure you download the new app today! Just follow the links below:




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