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Mon 13 Jul

Chosen One, Moses, and Attentiveness to God

Moses Chosen One

I can truly relate to Moses as one who felt ill-equipped to lead people (Exodus 6:12), but felt called to make one of the largest impacts on Israel’s history. 

I often feel challenged by Moses’s heart and example as one who listened to God and deeply desired God’s presence. One verse that sticks out in my mind is Exodus 33:15 - “Then Moses said to him, "If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.”

God had offered to do God’s work of leading the people into the promise land with power and to provide the ability to overcome the many nations that would come against them. God promised that he would send an angel to help lead the way but He would not go Himself because the people were ‘stiff necked’. Moses pleaded to have God’s presence. This pleased God and in the end He went with Moses.

I look at Moses’s desire to seek God’s presence and am reminded in my own life of times where I do not crave and desire God’s presence enough in the work I do as a Meeting House staff member (or even in my regular, everyday life). I sometimes give in to saying it is enough to have God’s power around me but not seek for God’s presence.

I could look to our Home Churches, our teaching and compassionate activities as being a success and feel that it is enough. Yet I am becoming more and more convinced that if I do not have Christ’s presence, I don’t want to go into those ‘successful’ activities. My heart, and I believe my staff role is to cultivate environments that earnestly seek after Jesus, recognize and see His presence and then celebrate that presence through joining Him (which usually involves some form of action). The bottom line is to help people grow into a love relationship with God. That can’t happen when we are not aware or seeking after God ourselves.

I am grateful that God is actually everywhere so it isn’t too hard to find, see and join Him each day!  The problem I find is to live a life that isn’t distracted from the fact that He is always with me.  I can get busy being a husband, a father of five, a pastor, a neighbour, a house owner, paying bills, recreation time, etc, etc. and miss God being with me in all of these regular encounters.

My ongoing challenge is to cultivate attentiveness to God’s presence around us.  Moses desired deeply to have God with Him in everything and that is maybe the starting point.   There are many ways to develop attentiveness; reading, meditation, music, journaling, and being with a community of believers who desire the same.

We can all learn from Moses’s desire for God’s presence. If we pair that desire with the knowledge that God is always present, and this series can help us develop attentiveness to the ever present and loving God around us in this season of summer.

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