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Thu 24 Jan

Ears to Hear - Learning from Women's Voices

Each year at The Meeting House we have a Peace & Reconciliation series that addresses important social and relational issues within secular society and within the Christian Church. Associated with that series we also host an “Ears to Hear” event, which gives us an opportunity to listen to and learn from voices that have been underrepresented in the historic life of the Western Church in which we find ourselves. Last year we were blessed to hear from non-European / non-white voices and it was very helpful for building empathy and understanding as an extended spiritual family.

This year our theme will be listening to women’s voices. Our Peace & Reconciliation series is called “HER STORY: JESUS, WOMEN, & THE CHURCH” and our Ears to Hear event will give us a chance to listen to and learn from the stories and perspectives of women. We’re inviting everyone in The Meeting House family to come and participate. If you’re a woman, we would love to hear any brief story or comment during our open mic time. If you’re a man, come ready to be blessed by empathetically engaging with the experiences and perspectives of your sisters in Christ.

Hope to see you on Sunday January 27 @ 6:00pm, at our Oakville site.

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