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Fri 03 Jul

Every Little Bump and Squeak

ALT Team

There's something about flying in an airplane that makes me feel more vulnerable and exposed than I do when my feet are on the ground. I've heard the stats that say it's more dangerous for me to drive to the grocery store than fly in a plane ...but somehow I don't believe them. With every squeak of the wings and bump from the clouds, I find myself taking a little gasp and saying a prayer!

And it's then I realize that my perception of safety and security is just that -- my perception. At any given moment I am fairly clueless as to the true safety or lack of thereof in my life. It is not lost on me that I genuinely do live in a place that where safety and security are reasonable things to expect (and take for granted) on a daily basis. But I am also aware that there are a lot of measures that I take in my life to ensure that my comfort is protected. Packing for this trip has been no exception.

1. A few weeks ago I visited a travel doctor and spent hundreds of dollars (hundreds!) on vaccines that will prevent me from getting sick while on the trip. I then went and bought up half the pharmacy on the off-chance that I might possibly experience some degree of physical pain and discomfort that I would want to avoid while away. I told myself that these are all sensible and appropriate precautions. But I know better. These things are luxuries.

2. Despite the stereotypes of 'Africa', the places we will be visiting are currently experiencing winter. And while there won't be snow on the ground, there is a good chance we'll be chilly. So at the risk of being chilly I packed four sweaters (four!) for a short two week trip. Because I really really don't want to be uncomfortable!

3. As I strolled through the grocery store two days ago, stocking up the fridge for my family while I would be away, I had a mild panic attack as It suddenly dawned on me - what about me?! I don't want to be hungry! What am I going to eat over the next two weeks? ...So I subsequently bought enough granola bars to feed a soccer team. Certainly too many to count and go public with.

Wow, what is wrong with me?!

So here I sit, on this squeaky, bumpy plane and take a quick inventory of my less-than-awesomeness. And I become grateful for the squeaks and the bumps. Because I hear Jesus in he gently reminds me that I am not actually in control. I am vulnerable. And I might even be in danger of experiencing some discomforts along the way. 

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