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Mon 22 Jun

Kids, Wolves, and the God who cares

Baby Moses Basket Chosen One

Recently I’ve noticed our youngest daughter Ella (6 years old) taking creative liberties with her storytelling.  She’s been so creatively liberal some might call it lying, or to translate it into kid friendly terms: fibbing. 

One night we were all sitting around the dinner table and she started telling us about something that happened with a couple of her little friends at school.  The story was so outlandish, and so impossible that her mom and I stopped her in her storytelling tracks and said, “Is this a true story or a fib?”

“TRUE!!” she bellowed. 

(Fib, in fact).

In a truly loving and parental moment, I decided it would be good for her to hear ‘the story of the boy who cried wolf”.  I spent the next number of minutes walking through the details of the story:

The villagers.

The boy.

The lie.

The wolf.

The outcome….

After concluding the story with the terror of the boys disappearance at the hands of the wolf resulting from the villagers distrust – I watched my little Ella sit quietly, thinking, and thinking. 

After a few minutes of silence a small smirk began to take shape on her face.

“That wolf sounds awesome...”, she said.


I remember thinking, well if she doesn’t get it here, where and how will she learn.  But the truth is, like we’ve heard as part of the Chosen One series: “God takes care of our kids even when we can’t.”

So Moses (meaning born out of/born into) – born into slavery, rescued into royalty, redeemed as a champion for Gods people.  But it started with a strange story, a parent, & a problem.  Moses should already be dead, Moses mom should have already lost him, & as a Hebrew there’s no reason that Moses should be anything more than a slave. 

But God cared.

But God cares still.  

Back to Ella..

After what I thought was a parenting fail in trying to dial into Ella’s creativity through story, we got a note from her school about what her classroom would be learning as a character value that week: integrity.

The following Sunday Ella told us about what she learned in Kidmax: the power of words.

Then it happened..

We were sitting together again for dinner and Ella had an amazing story that started to become more and more amazing as the story went on.  I finally stopped her and asked, “Ella, did that all really happen?”

Her response, “……sorry Daddy, WOLF!”

Turns out that she cared about her words, that she’d heard the story (and the principle) from us, then again at school, then again at Kidmax. 

The truth is: God cares for our kids even when we can’t.

The truth is that God cares about you, even when you feel like everything is a fail, and God cares still, everyday, always, for you as his kid, his child, his son or daughter even in the midst of confusion, chaos, & uncertainty.  

May you rest in the fact that God is love, God is present, and God cares about you, his kid, today.

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