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Tue 21 Jul

Stubbornness and the Burning Bush

Moses Blog Melissa

One of the words I’ve often described myself as is: stubborn!  Hmmm... maybe tenacious has a better ring to it … regardless, when I have my mind set on something, it’s hard to persuade me otherwise.  It’s a quality that has done me well over the years but also something I believe has led me to miss out on some pretty awesome opportunities!

When I read the story of Moses & the burning bush, I’m confronted by how often I’ve “pulled a Moses”.  Here’s God speaking to him in this absurdly surreal way and STILL Moses is questioning!  God is affirming him in his identity, calling Moses into this amazing task and promising to give him everything he needs … and yet Moses is struggling to agree.  

Like Moses, I find myself too often placing my identity in society above my identity in Christ.  I succumb to the idea that I can't do a specific task because I don’t have the right training, education, experience … you name it, I have an excuse for it!  And sure, sometimes those excuses are valid, but it’s my tenacity to stick to them even when I feel God is asking me otherwise that has let me down.  

Instead of being transformed into who God has created me to be and to use the gifts He’s developed in me, I’ve spent years sticking in my stubborn box, only to see great opportunities pass me by.

God’s conversation with Moses around the burning bush is not dissimilar to His conversation with each of us.  We all have our role to play and it’s not one founded on our socio-economic identity or whether we talk good - it’s founded upon simply being a son or daughter of Him.

Why is it so difficult for us to see ourselves as our Creator sees us?  To see the potential in ourselves, our role in community and the incredible task of love He has called us into?  He has such a great adventure planned ahead and He's so incredibly excited to run along with you.  Trust Him!  He knows what you’re capable of.  Come on … He created you!  

Sure, you can stay back if you want … but as I’ve begun to trade my stubbornness for a tenacious clinging to Jesus for my identity, let me tell you: it’s been a pretty sweet ride!

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