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Fri 16 Sep

Welcome to East Toronto!

The first time I walked around The Beaches neighbourhood was powerful. There is something about the atmosphere of feeling the warm summer breeze coming off the water, seeing children laughing and playing in the park, hearing a couple chat while walking their dog, watching young people going into a locally owned coffee shop and being known by their name and regular order, smelling someone’s delicious BBQ grilling in their backyard… It feels like home.


Home is where you feel safe.The people you love; your friends, family and neighbours are close by. You’re free to appreciate the beauty around you and everything points back to an amazingly creative and passionate God. The most exciting thing about the East Toronto location is the fact that we can feel free to invite the people closest to us to experience God in their own neighbourhood! I can’t wait to experience our community coming together on Sundays and throughout the week.


I’ve been presented with the greatest opportunity of joining a team of people whose heart is to serve God and share Christ’s love for the world. Our volunteers have blown me away with their dedication to our community through serving at The Meeting House. My prayer is that our East Toronto site becomes known for engaging in our community and creating dedicated disciples of Christ. We are focusing on our discipleship model (trust, grow, give, go, together) and have already seen so much change and development throughout the summer.


We are eagerly anticipating our launch happening this Sunday September 18th at 10am. On Sundays we are located at the Beach Alliance Theatre (1651 Queen Street East).  The cinema is right across the spacious Woodbine Park, which is perfect for after church picnics, bike rides or walks!


Feel free to bring your kids and teens to our kidmax and theUNDERGROUND programs on Sunday mornings. At a church for people who aren’t into church, there’s always something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!

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