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Tue 07 Jul

Zimbabwe: When Hyperinflation Meets Faith

ALT Blog Laura Zimbabwe

Do you remember hearing about Zimbabwe's hyperinflation in the late 2000s?  I do; to think of people bringing a wheelbarrow full of money just to buy staples like bread is something I could never forget. 

Our team arrived in Zimbabwe and spent the first day learning all about the work of our partners and received a cultural orientation.  Of course this included their recent history of hyperinflation.

If you don't believe this was a big deal, keep reading!  It cost $100,000 to buy eggs, and billions more if you wanted to buy bread.  In fact, I was told by a lovely Zimbabwean lady that she once had to write 27 zeros at the end of a number. 

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ALT Blog Laura Zimbabwe

She also said that it felt like it was happening over night!  Imagine waking up one day and your currency is down $10. The next day it's down $15. The day after that it was down $20. Imagine your saving and retirement plans becoming virtually impossible to access at the banks—  that's what happened here.

Another Zimbabwean told me that inflation was going up so quickly that while you waited in line to purchase something the price of that item would go up by 100%.  In fact, the stores in Zimbabwe, which used to be the breadbasket of Southern Africa, had no food on their shelves so citizens had to go to South Africa or Botswana Instead.
ALT Blog Laura Zimbabwe
Our BIC partners told us that during this same time there was an exceptional openness to seek, learn about and know God.  What an encouraging thing to learn after hearing of so many difficulties.  Furthermore, why is it that we are more likely to turn towards God when we are feeling down, hurt or suffering?  Is it that we are too independent when life is good to recognize our need for God?  Our team is processing this together over dinner (among many other things!) and we invite you to dive into this with your home church too!

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