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hamilton mountain compassion

Hamilton Mountain Compassion Statement

Have a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people and families, including low income, Indigenous, new immigrant, socially isolated or others as determined, through relationship building and volunteering. 

Local Partners

TrueCity is a movement of congregations in Hamilton, ON who recognize that God has called them to join Him in bringing His best to the city and beyond.  They work to simultaneously pursue mission at a congregational level, at a collaborative Church-in-the-City level, and as God’s people scattered across all sectors of Hamilton.

Riverdale Community/ Baby Depot
The Baby Depot helps families in need with children 0–2 years old in the Hamilton area. They supply a year’s worth of gently used baby clothes and essentials to those who need support. The Baby Depot solely operates on your generosity, please consider making a donation today!

Please email Diane Burns, Hamilton Mountian Compassion Coordinator with questions, suggestions, or to let us know how you’re serving in Hamilton.
Diane Burns|