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High Park Compassion Statement

Trust in God and Grow in our understanding of His love for all creation so that we can Give of what we have, receive of what we need as we Go into our neighborhoods Together.

Regardless of our life situation, we all have something to give. For some it may be money, for others it may be time or skills. Each of us has agency to help others. The people that we show up to serve can also serve us in ways we had never imaged if we break down the us and them barriers.

Local Partners

The Sharing Place 
The Sharing Place is a non-profit compassion organization that servers West Toronto with love and compassion.

Wesley Mimico United Church
Provides a community lunch every Saturday at 12PM and a food bank every Saturday (except the last in a month) between 11-1PM.

Please email Kat McCubbing, High Park Compassion Coordinator, with questions, suggestions, or to let us know how you’re serving in High Park.
Kat McCubbing|