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  • Tue 24 Jan

    The Power of One

    This year we are sharing stories of how the High Park site is engaged in compassion. This week Pam Mugford, who volunteers with the Jane-Bloor Home Church at the Sharing Place, tells us how she rallied our site and those in the neighbourhood to help.

    One day this past summer, while reading through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a post about The Sharing Place (the food bank that our Home Church supports). I have seen this organization’s name appear a few times in my newsfeed and...

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  • Fri 20 Jan


    Yes, you read it correctly, no service at our High Park site this Sunday, January 22nd. 

    We’ve all heard the phrase that God works in mysterious ways and this just may qualify. We received notice, late this morning, from the Toronto District School Board that there will be no heat at the school this Sunday (Jan 22).  There was a water main break and flooding, they need to do some work at the school over the weekend which requires them to shut down the heating.  No...

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  • Thu 12 Jan

    Compassion at High Park in 2017


    We will Trust in God and Grow in our understanding of His love for all creation so that we can then Give of what we have, receive of what we need as we Go into our neighbourhoods Together


    Regardless of our life situation, we all have something to give. For some it may be money, for others it may be time or skills. Each of us has agency to help others, but the people that we show up to serve can also serve us in ways we had never imaged....

    Posted by Kat McCubbing at 09:45AM | Permalink

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