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  • Sat 26 Aug

    Where Sunday School Failed Me

    Kids & Youth Curriculum

    When I was a youth pastor, I remember having a young man tell me that he had learned so much in his time with me. I was humbled, but curious what was behind him saying that to me, I asked him what it was that prompted him to say that. He told me that in his previous church experience, he had been taught stories from the Bible in a very detached way from his own life, and that sometimes they had a “punch line” of sorts but without any clear application to life, connection to Jesus...

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  • Tue 01 Aug

    Cards for Charity

    High Park Blog

    My parents fled a war-torn Sri Lanka in 1983 to come to Canada with the hopes of giving their children a better life. My parents worked multiple jobs to provide for my brother and I, as well as those around them. My father always exemplified the importance of helping others through his actions. For example, he helped new immigrants and refugees find jobs, provided financial assistance to people in need, and spent time visiting and feeding the sick.

    My mother raised me with solid...

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