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Thu 23 Feb

Peacemaker's Campaign and Engaging Your Neighbours

Home Church Pancake Breakfast

During the months of February and March our Home Churches are raising funds and creating relief kits towards our Peacemaker's Campaign that support the peacebuilding work that Mennonite Central Committee is doing. Financial donations will support programs in Ontario and Sub-Saharan Africa, while this year's relief kits will be distributed in Syria, Jordan, or Lebanon to persons affected by the crisis in Syria. 

Learn more about the projects that we are supporting by visiting the Peacemaker's page or contact

Mimico Home Church Pancake Breakfast
By Angela Vellekoop

Six years ago, the Mimico Home Church decided that a fun way to raise funds for the Relief Kits (formerly AIDS Care Kits) would be to have a Pancake Breakfast.

The Home Church hosts, Dave and Angela Vellekoop, are well established in their neighbourhood, having bought their “starter” home in 1985. They have a great connection with their community knowing almost everyone who lives on their street.

In the first year, flyers were made describing the event and the cause, and distributed to every house on their street. On the day of the Pancake breakfast, a surprising number of people came, a generous amount of money was raised and a general goodwill was sensed among the neighbours.

In fact, it was so much fun that the Mimico HC decided to make it an Annual event. The success was repeated year over year and now, 6 years later, it is a fixture on the Eastbourne Crescent calendar. Neighbours look forward to having a chance to hang out with other neighbours mid-winter, to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. They continue to be incredibly generous and even drop off envelopes with donations if they are unable to attend.

This year the flyer went out to 2 additional streets as well as local book clubs, friends, and co-workers. This year close to 40 people joined us for breakfast and almost $800.00 was raised.

Our Home Church people worked together to welcome and serve our guests; cook the pancakes and sausages; pour coffee, tea, and juice; wash dishes; and clean up. 

Our Home Church community was strengthened by working together for a common cause, our community connections were strengthened by having a chance to hang out together, our global connections were strengthened by being able to focus on providing for our friends across the world, and our faith was strengthened as we saw again how well God provided for us and blessed our Pancake Breakfast.

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