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Thu 02 Mar

Peacemakers Campaign and Engaging Your Neighbours: Part 2

Compassion initiatives are a great way to connect your neighbours and friends with what we are doing at our sites. Here’s an example from Becky Voll of how another one of our Home Churches is inviting their neighbours to participate in our Peacemakers Campaign. 

I was inspired by the positive event and results of Yolanda and Raphael's initiative where they hosted a social drop off event at the Sharing Place in order to collect food hampers for the Food Bank.


Stepping out of a comfort zone, we've invited our entire street, the entire local school, and local Toronto friends to stop by our house between 4—8 PM Friday, March 3, to drop off items for the relief kits. There is no way our home can comfortably fit all these people, but instead of being deterred, I thought that would be a great problem to have! We’re expecting under 20 families will attend throughout the evening.  We'll be providing food, beverages, and a social opportunity as families come to drop off their donations. Any unfinished kits will be assembled and people will be able to see the impressive pile of kits on the dining room table.

We’ve made this event kid friendly and tried to sell it to parents as something to do with the kids. Sending out the videos provided by The Meeting House has been a great visual aid to get every age group in the family involved. The more I'm out there talking to parents at my kids' local school, the more I realize many don't attend church but are aching for a way to get their kids involved in outreach. Starting with this relief kit event I intend to capitalize for the kingdom with this knowledge!  

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