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Thu 24 Mar

A Life Reborn

Easter is about new life and new beginnings. It’s about us being transformed to become more like Jesus. In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing a testimony from Tim Horne who attends our Kitchener site. Tim and his wife Lili are full-time staff with
New Life Prison Ministry. In his support role working with those leaving the prison system, Tim has witnessed many stories of personal rebirth and transformation. Here’s a powerful example he recently shared with us.

I met “Harold” while he was still behind prison walls. He had hit bottom after his arrest and started completing Bible studies through New Life Prison Ministry. Through these studies, he understood that Christ had died to give him hope and made the decision to ask Jesus to enter into his life. Harold’s past was one of family dysfunction, crime, addiction and many stints in jail.  After his release from prison, he had some tough decisions to make. How was he to live for Jesus and withstand all the pressures he will face to return to life, as he had always known it?

Life outside of jail hasn’t been easy for Harold, but despite a few slips, he is still walking strong. The first time I invited Harold to come with me on Sunday morning; he, his younger brother and his three-year-old son showed up at The Meeting House in suits and ties! I guess I had forgotten to tell him that The Meeting House doesn’t have a dress code! Since then he has learned what Christian community is like and has returned to his hometown where he was baptized at a local church.   

God does change lives. Our’s is a God of forgiveness and second chances.  There are a number of us “Meeting Housers” who are involved in prison ministry and we would appreciate prayer as we seek to reach out to this marginalized group of people.  We are active in various sites; including London, Burlington, Newmarket and Kitchener.  If you know who we are, feel free to stop us and ask us what to pray for, or how you too can become involved in showing love to Jesus by loving prisoners. 

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