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Thu 21 Apr

Loving more, living with less

There is something really special when you see people give to others with a huge, genuine smile on their face and dance in their step! I know it’s special because last Sunday, I was privileged to witness it first-hand as many members of our Meeting House community participated in rePURPOSE.

Let’s try an activity.

Take a moment and remember all the things God’s blessed you with. Remember how He has provided for you in the big ways and small ways. How much comes to mind?

Do you have air in your lungs, a car with a full gas tank, a clean change of clothes, a hairbrush, or warm water?  Recognizing how much we’ve been blessed evokes gratitude. Preparing for rePURPOSE ushers in a whole new level of gratitude as we reflect on how our needs have been supplied—and more!  Jesus wants us to care for each other. This is why rePURPOSE is so exciting: it’s an opportunity to choose Jesus — by loving others instead of things!

This past week, alongside volunteers at many of The Meeting House sites, I helped collect new and gently-used items for MCC Ontario’s Thrift stores. The items we donated will be sorted, cleaned, and sold with all proceeds going to MCC'S charitable programming in Ontario and around the world

This means that your items can have huge, life-changing, impact! Whether it’s a brand new still-in-the-box serving set, a beloved pair of shoes that just don’t fit anymore, your grandmother’s old handbags, your late father’s garden tools, or a game you don’t play anymore… all of these items will find a way to a new loving home while making a difference in the lives of others. 

No wonder the people dropping items off at rePURPOSE are so cheerful. Gratitude and giving makes us feel happyand others can’t help but notice! 

If you want to participate in the final week of rePURPOSE, come this Sunday (April 24), to our Oakville, Burlington, Brantford, Burlington, East Hamilton, West Hamilton, or Downtown Hamilton sites.

Laura Hanna is the Compassion Manager at The Meeting House. 

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