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Fri 10 Feb

You Can Be a Peacemaker

With just a brief look at the news or social media, one can easily observe that people’s differing opinions and beliefs have resulted in a major rift in our social cohesion in North America. This overwhelming flood of information on issues where there is no quick fix leads many, including us at The Meeting House, to question what meaningful role we can play in breaking down the many walls that our society is so quick to build.

Jesus stated, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." Jesus blesses those who play an active role in bringing peace and reconciliation to conflict and violence. Throughout the month of February, we are running a new compassion initiative to support the peacebuilding efforts of the Mennonite Central Committee as one of the ways we can practically live out Jesus' peace teachings.  
We will be collecting hygienic supplies (find a list here) that will help meet some of the basic needs of Syrian refugees and others affected by the conflict in Syria.These items will support, in a small way, victims of the violence in Syria, while also mitigating further tension caused by a lack of access to these necessary supplies.
In addition to collecting personal hygene supplies, we will also be collecting $100 donations which will go towards supporting 16 peacebuilding initiatives across Sub-Saharan Africa as well as five peacebuilding initiatives here in Ontario. The collection date at all sites is Sunday, March 5.

It is important to be reminded that Jesus is always actively pursuing reconciliation with us and fostering within us the need of reconciliation with each other. This month, get involved in our new Peacemakers initiative and continue to find ways in your own life to bring peace and reconciliation to the lives of those around you. 
For more information on our Peacemakers campaign, visit

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