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Sunday Service Times

8:00 am – (No program for Infants to Grade 8)
9:30 am – (Full program for Infants to Grade 8)
11:15 am – (Full program for Infants to Grade 8)

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Monday to Thursday -- 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday -- Office is closed
During the week, please use the reception entrance on the north side of the building facing Portland Drive. 

Oakville Blog

  • Tue 30 Jun

    A Land of Extremes

    Mark Wall

    This will be my third time visiting the continent of Africa.  In my experience so far, it has been beautiful but unknown – filled with joy, yet broken and in need – incredibly life nurturing, while at the same time, stricken by physical hunger. 

    Africa is truly a land of extremes. 

    As I prepare for this trip and I let my mind wander a bit, I find myself wrestling with my expectations.  Since I have been a couple other times, I feel like I have a bit of...


  • Mon 22 Jun

    Kids, Wolves, and the God who cares

    Baby Moses Basket Chosen One

    Recently I’ve noticed our youngest daughter Ella (6 years old) taking creative liberties with her storytelling.  She’s been so creatively liberal some might call it lying, or to translate it into kid friendly terms: fibbing. 

    One night we were all sitting around the dinner table and she started telling us about something that happened with a couple of her little friends at school.  The story was so outlandish, and so impossible that her mom and...


  • Sun 14 Jun

    God in my Ordinary

    The first warm days of June always bring back memories of summer’s past. I remember one summer as a youth I decided to join the local rep baseball team. I was just learning the game at that point and it was mostly the kindness of the coach that enabled me to be on the team. I remember grabbing a wood bat and walking up to the plate and thinking, “Why is it so hard to hit that crazy ball?” The older guys made it look pretty easy. It is just a piece of wood in my hands. A ball....


  • Wed 03 Jun

    Chosen One

    Chosen One: Summer 2015

    His coming was foretold. 
    Born into poverty, he was hunted as an infant. 
    He was anointed by God to lead his people, through blood and water,
    out of slavery and into freedom. 
    To establish a new covenant between God and his people.
    He was— the Chosen One. 
    Join us this Summer for a journey of epic proportions.
    Check out the  trailer here .


  • Mon 25 May

    One Month After: Remembering When the Earth Shook the World Apart


    It is one month after the deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal on April 25.  It has been almost 2 weeks since the second mammoth earthquake tore through the already ravaged nation on May 12.  Our partners, World Vision and MCC, are among the relief organizations saying there are now “signs of hope, but much work still needs to be done.” 

    I cannot even begin to understand what living through the Nepali earthquake would be like.  I try to...


  • Mon 06 Apr

    The Look of Love

    The Look of Love

    The Look of Love: The Fruit of the Spirit in Living Colour

    Starts April 12 in Oakville 
    and April 19 in Regional Sites

    The Fruit of the Spirit can infuse our lives in beautiful, practical ways. As we ask what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in us and who he wants us to become, we can start to work cooperatively with the Holy Spirit. We will unpack the New Testament teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit and what our lives look like in that light.  


  • Fri 06 Mar

    Easter 2015: The Body of Christ

    Easter 2015

    Series starts Sunday, March 22 in Oakville
    and Sunday, March 29 in Regional Sites
    Please go to the location tab on our website for local service times at all of our sites on Good Friday, April 3.
    In the life, suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we discover God’s message to the world. It became the mission of his disciples to embody this message: to be like Jesus, to live like Jesus, to suffer like Jesus, and to die like Jesus. Join us this Easter as we explore the unity,...


  • Fri 06 Mar

    Maxed Out: Rebelling Against the Culture of Excess

    Maxed Out series

    Starts Sunday, March 8 in Oakville
    and Sunday, March 15 in Regional Sites
    Stretched? Striving? Stuck? Never seem to have enough? Our culture screams for excess in every area of life, yet most of us already feel maxed out. Jesus calls us to revolt against this ideology of excess, so that we can say YES to what actually gives us life. Join us as we explore the implications of this new rebellion in the way we spend our time and our money. 


  • Sat 31 Jan

    Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line

    Crossing the Line: A Scandalous Love that Can Change the World 

    Starts February 1 in Oakville and
    February 8 in Regional Sites 

    Jesus’ love inspires us to form real relationships with people who are different from us. Cutting across the lines that separate race, gender, and social class, this risky and sometimes scandalous approach to everyday relationships provides the hope that our world desperately needs.


  • Fri 28 Nov

    Christmas Eve Services

    Christmas Eve 2014

    Christmas Eve Services

    2:00 | 3:30 | 5:00 | 6:30 pm

    Oakville Site

    Join us for one of our family-friendly Christmas Eve services! There will be activities for children with their parents in the crush space (no children’s program provided). Bring your family and friends!


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