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This is our main production site. Our messages at our other sites are on a week delay so check out the location in your area for more information.

Lead Pastor
Karmyn Bokma Tel.: 905.802.0044
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Sunday Service Times
8:00 am-9:00 am – (No program for Infants to Grade 8)
9:30 am-10:30 am – (Full program for Infants to Grade 8)
11:15 am-12:15 pm – (Full program for Infants to Grade 8)

Midweek Programs (not running through the summer) 
7:00pm | Wednesdays | The Underground for Grades 6 to 12

Events and Rentals at The Meeting House Oakville
Tel.: 905.287.7000 ext.7067

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Office Hours

Monday to Thursday -- 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Friday -- Office is closed
During the week, please use the reception entrance on the north side of the building facing Portland Drive. 

Oakville Blog

  • Thu 08 Aug

    Connect 101 (2019 - Oakville Site)

    Aug 18 | 12:45pm | Commons connect101
    For ways to plug in and meet others new to our community, come to Connect 101 on June 23! Sign up online.

    We’re a community of spiritual seekers, saints, and sinners all wanting to learn and grow together. If you’ve got questions and aren’t sure where to start, we’ve collected some of our favourite videos and podcasts for you here: start

    Upcoming Connect 101 Dates (2019...


  • Wed 07 Aug

    Park Pop Ups: Family Connections

    kidmax Park Pop Ups

    Park Pop Ups: Community Connections - Oakville Site
    Invite your friends, bring your family and join others from our community for our Summer Park Pop Ups! Bring your lunch, lawn chairs and some fun outdoor games to play!

    Upcoming Dates:

    Aug 18 | 1:00-3:00pm
    • Valleybrook Park | 1150 Valleybrook Dr (Oakville)
    • Westoak Trails Park Splash Pad | 2858 Westoak Trails Blvd (Oakville)
    • Lisgar Fields | 3805 Doug Leavens Blvd (Mississauga)...


  • Wed 07 Aug

    RENEW (2019 - Oakville Site)


    Sep 29 | 6:30pm | Auditorium
    When we intentionally come before God, we can experience transformation and renewal. Join us as we create space to listen and respond to God through extended musical worship in community.

    Upcoming Dates:

    • October 27, 2019
    • November 24, 2019
    • January 26, 2020
    • February 23, 2020
    • April 26, 2020
    • June 7, 2020 (Oakville Summer Block Party & RENEW)
    2019 | Oakville Site, Worship, Alternative Service, Music, Band,...


  • Tue 06 Aug

    Divorce Care (2019 - Oakville Site)

    Divorce Care

    Wednesdays | Starts Sep 18 | 7pm
    Room A | Oakville Site divorcecare 

    A group designed to help you work through the emotional pain of divorce. Our Divorce Care leaders are those who have healed from the impact of divorce and can help those who have just completed the walk. The Divorce Care Workshop uses the video-based curriculum called Divorce Care, offering a structured process that facilitates healing from divorce.

    This is a 13-week...


  • Fri 02 Aug

    The Marriage Course (2019 - Oakville Site)

    The Marriage Course

    The Marriage Course
    Thursdays | Starts Sep 19 | 7-9pm
    Annex | Oakville Site marriagecourse
    Come to make a great marriage even better or help a struggling marriage survive. Over eight sessions, couples will discuss topics like effective communication, resolving conflict and much more. $40 per couple.

    2019 | Marriage, Family Ministries, Care Ministries


  • Tue 09 Apr

    Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2019

    Easter 2019

    Join us on Good Friday (April 19) and Easter Sunday (April 21) for an hour-long gathering of music, reading from the Bible, a short message, and reflections from members of our church community. There’s no dress code and no need to bring anything. Come as you are — the coffee’s on us!

    Head to for all the details.


  • Fri 25 Jan

    YAG (Young Adults Group) Night

    YAG Games
    YAG: Musical Worship Night

    Jan 27 | 7pm
    Oakville Site | Annex
    Young adults! Come and join us to connect with young adults from across TMH sites and beyond to worship Jesus together. For more info, please email Mike.

    Upcoming Young Adult Events:

    • Jan 27 - Musical Worship Night
    • Mar 2 - Fluid Young Adults Gathering (Register Here )
    • Mar 31 - Musical Worship Night
    • Apr 14 - Games Night
    • May 5 - Musical Worship Night
    • Jun 2 - Games Night

    2019 | Oakville Site,...


  • Thu 24 Jan

    Ears to Hear - Learning from Women's Voices

    Each year at The Meeting House we have a Peace & Reconciliation series that addresses important social and relational issues within secular society and within the Christian Church. Associated with that series we also host an “Ears to Hear” event, which gives us an opportunity to listen to and learn from voices that have been underrepresented in the historic life of the Western Church in which we find ourselves. Last year we were blessed to hear from non-European...


  • Tue 01 Jan

    Renew: Worship Service

    Renew Worship Service

    Feb 10 | 7:00pm
    When we intentionally come before God, we can experience transformation and renewal. Join us as we create space to listen and respond to God through extended musical worship in community.

    Upcoming Dates:

    • Mar 17 - Family Friendly Renew (details coming soon!)
    • Jun 23

    2019 |  Music, Worship, Prayer, Evening Service


  • Fri 21 Dec

    Oakville | Christmas Eve Gatherings 2018

    OAKV Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve Gatherings in Oakville
    Dec 24 | 2-3pm, 4-5pm, 6-7pm christmas
    Join us on Christmas Eve for this fun-filled family friendly gathering. Choose to slow down, to celebrate, and to be community together! We’ll have the coffee & hot chocolate ready for you when you come!

    2018 | Christmas Eve, Services, Gatherings, Community, Family Friendly


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Staff Members

  • Karmyn BokmaKarmyn Bokma
    Oakville Lead Pastor
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  • Lisa GoetzeLisa Goetze
    Oakville Pastor
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  • Mike FinnieMike Finnie
    Oakville Pastor
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  • Mike SlackMike Slack
    Oakville Pastor
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    Oakville Pastor
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  • Kate BrownKate Brown
    Oakville Community Pastor
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  • Carolynn BucekCarolynn Bucek
    Oakville Project Planner & Administrator
    905.287.7000 ext.804

  • Anna LakatosAnna Lakatos
    Oakville Music Pastor

  • Brad EagerBrad Eager
    Oakville Youth Pastor
    905.287.7000 ext.833

  • Patti LarsenPatti Larsen
    Oakville Youth Pastor
    905.287.7000 ext.838

  • Lindsay HartLindsay Hart
    Oakville Youth Pastor (on parental leave)

  • Diane KlassenDiane Klassen
    Oakville Preschool Kidmax Pastor
    905.287.7000 ext.809

  • Laura JoryLaura Jory
    Oakville Grades 1-5 Kidmax Coordinator
    905.287.7000 ext.829

  • Kathy BernardKathy Bernard
    Care Teams Pastor
    905.287.7000 ext.839

  • Steve PaulsSteve Pauls
    Facility Manager
    905.287.7000 ext.837

  • Oakville Compassion Coach 
    Sharon Beck
  • Mississauga & Etobicoke Compassion Coaches
    Andre Ng, Emily Chow, Daniel Crack
  • Milton Compassion Coach
    Tammy Levante