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Sun 26 Aug

2018 Oakville: Prayer, Care and Relationship Ministries

OAKV Fall Launch PCRM

Sunday Morning Prayer (year-round)

  • Our team is available to listen, pray with, and refer people who come with a desire for prayer.
  • Intercessory Prayer (year-round)
  • This team is a group from our community who commit to pray for the regular requests that are submitted via email.

Healing Prayer (year-round)

  • Our team meets with people in crisis (physical, spiritual, relational, emotional, etc.) to pray alongside them.

Stephen Ministry (training starts Feb 9)

  • A trained spiritual friend to listen, support & encourage through difficulties in life.

Healing Care Groups (starts Oct 14)

  • A Spirit-led healing experience for those seeking spiritual/emotional wholeness in a small, safe community.

Journey Continues (starts Sep 18)

  • Follow-up aftercare group (Healing Care) growth, build greater intimacy with God, & encourage the discipling journey.

Divorce Care (starts Sep 11)

  • Helping people in the midst of separation or divorce find support & healing.

The Marriage Course (starts Sep 18)

  • A series of seven sessions designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.

Parents of Tweens/Teens (starts Oct 3)

  • Equipping parents: bullying, social media/internet issues, addiction, mental/eating disorders, suicide, etc.

Spiritual Parenting (start date to be determined)

  • Walk through how to incorporate faith into the everyday moments of life within the home and family. Purchase ‘Spiritual Parenting’ by Michelle Anthony (available in our resource centre).
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