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Mon 17 Oct

3 Characteristics of Being an Ambassador for the Jesus Nation

I’d like you to ask yourself this question: “What do I need to do to be the ambassador God has called me to be?” I follow Greg Koukl’s lead, who teaches on the importance of knowledge, wisdom, and character. He points out that these [knowledge, wisdom, and character] are three prerequisites for being a good ambassador.


Knowledge means you understand the policies of the government you represent. If you’re going to be an ambassador on behalf of the kingdom of Christ, you’ve got to understand Christ. You’ve got to understand his policies.

Wisdom means you’ve got to know the culture you want to communicate with. You know how to connect the two.

You’re going to live this out. You’re going to be a living, breathing demonstration of this.

One of the ways that we as a church live this out is through compassion. We don’t want to just proclaim the gospel, we want to be the gospel. Compassion is one of the ways we manifest the gospel beyond our walls.

This blog is an excerpt from Jesus Nation Episode 3, Ambassadors.

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