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Thu 26 Nov

Compassion Champion: Valerie Stacey

Valerie Stacey

Some of you have the privilege of knowing Valerie Stacey. You may serve alongside her in kidmax or attend home church together. Perhaps you traveled on the Africa Learning Team in 2014 with her. One thing is sure: if you don’t know Valerie, I hope you know someone like her. Valerie’s care for those around her is evident in all that she does and we consider ourselves fortunate to have her investing into our children on Sundays.

It has been just over a year since Valerie returned from Malawi. She willingly shares about her experience highlighting those she interacted with, their stories, the things she learned, and how her own thoughts and actions have forever changed.

As a mother of three, Valerie had listened to a Malawian mother explain how the provision of clean water radically changed her life and the lives of her children. Having clean water available close to home means that children spend more time in school, instead of collecting water or suffering from a water-borne illness. It means that mothers have more time to invest in their family, farming, and small businesses. As Valerie recounts the time she listened to this mother speak about something many Canadians take for granted, she began to understand the significance of our partnership with World Vision in a whole new way. Each generous act, each child sponsored, and each well drilled, goes far beyond the initial action. It ripples throughout the whole community.

We are so grateful to have Valerie in our church community and are inspired by her as she lends her voice to others, advocating on their behalf to everyone she knows. She recently shared their story in the recent issue of Community Captured Mississagua South (pg.16-17). Valerie has seen first-hand the significance of our continued support of World Vision; that as they come alongside the people of Mposa and Chamba, each community is transforming, reaching their own locally-set goals.

Valerie, thank you for sharing your story with us!

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