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Wed 09 Dec

We’re Giving Away Over $190,000!

Local Compassion

What do a ranch outside Brantford, refugee resettlement service in Waterloo, prison ministry in Burlington, pregnancy centre in Toronto, youth programs in Brampton, and homeless services in Ottawa all have in common?

These are all places where you volunteer! Places where you spend countless hours serving, give of your valuable time to build relationships in your community, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Each year since the start of our Transform Mission in 2011, The Meeting House has committed to coming alongside your hours of service and offer much-needed monetary support to local charities through the Local Compassion Agency Fund.  We are honoured to say that because of your generosity, between 2011 and December of this year, over one million dollars has been donated to local agencies!

This year, over 40 agencies across all sites have benefited from this competitive fund.  Designed to help agencies increase their capacity to positively impact their communities, the Fund constitutes a multi-step application process. 

The Fund is typically open to the public for applications during August and September.  In October the application, budget and agency details are reviewed with specific attention focused on the agency’s proposed project and its logical framework. This includes questions like:  What are the goals of the project?  How will they be achieved?  Who will benefit from the project?  How will they benefit?  How will the agency monitor the project’s effectiveness?  Which evaluation methods will the agency use to learn of the project’s impact? 

In addition to this, we also look at each agency’s relationship to their site – to you.  How many home church members volunteer at the agency regularly?  Does the agency strategically align with the site’s local compassion focus? 

All this material is weighed appropriately and a recommendation is provided to the site Pastor.  Funding decisions are made based on this recommendation as well as conversations between each site’s Pastor and Compassion Coordinator.

December is a fun time of year.  It is when notifications of funding go to the agencies.  Last week we informed 38 successful agencies that they will each be receiving small grants totalling over $190,000. 

Thank you for making this possible! Thank you for volunteering in your community! Thank you for transforming your community!

If you have more questions about how this funding process works, feel free to connect with Laura Hanna at

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