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Wed 18 Nov

Hespeler Home Church Recognized for Local Compassion

Hespeler Home Church

Our Hespeler Home Church from has served faithfully at the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank for the last 3 years. At this year's Annual General Meeting for the food bank, the group was awarded its 2015 Exemplary Service Award.

Liz, the Warehouse Coordinator from the food bank said as she presented the award, "The Hespeler Home Church embodied the spirit of community service and went above and beyond what was required or expected of them—even when it required plumbing, mopping and possibly plunging out our 'facilities'… This award honours not so much hours of service but their immediate response to our needs at any given time."

Hespeler Home Church member Tanis said her community has grown through their journey serving with the food bank.  

"It was our desire to be able to serve together in a way that could incorporate the family (age 5 and up). We tried different things, but this worked the best for us,” Tanis explained. “They [the food bank] had a need, and we jumped to fill it. It has been a wonderful time for us to bond as a home church as we work together. We've also gotten to know several of the staff and have been able to learn about the various programs and agencies that work out of this facility. We have been impressed by the staff and the programs. We have also enjoyed being out in the community.”

Thanks to our Hespeler Home Church for modelling what it looks like to make a difference in our community through their compassionate service!

 Phil Shamas is the lead pastor of The Meeting House Kitchener. 

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