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Wed 05 Oct

Making an Impact, One Life at a Time: A Mposa and Chamba Update

Over the past five years, we as a church family have been supporting our brothers and sisters in Chamba and Mposa, Malawi through our compassion partnership with World Vision Canada. Here are some of the ways the generosity of our community has helped to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters in these two communities.


Two years ago, several village chiefs attended training to learn about children's rights. This resulted in the creation of new by-laws ensuring the protection of children in Chamba--especially when it comes to education!

This new emphasis on protecting the rights of children in Chamba, thanks in part to generous contributions from The Meeting House, also led to the following advancements:
  • An increase in preschool enrolment from 67 to 114 children
  • 257 children receiving basic school resources (school fees, uniforms, books, backpacks)
  • 885 parents and community members learning how to properly feed their children and protect them from diseases
  • 163 farmers learning techniques to improve crop and livestock production


Prior to 2011, the learning conditions at Mposa's schools were grim. Just three teachers were responsible for 719 students, with only two classrooms and no toilets. Conflict between local leaders prevented any improvement.

 Funds received through our partnership with World Vision Canada have been used to promote collaboration within the Mposa community. This improved conditions in local schools, including training for the school's 19 teachers, the formation of a school management committee, and the creation of a parent-teacher association.

This increased collaboration has seen lives transformed through:

  • The installation of 14 toilets at the school
  • 133 teachers and volunteers learning methods to improve the quality of education in Mposa
  • 474 children and youth attending leadership development clubs, where they learn about their basic human rights
  • 100 farmers receiving livestock, seeds or tools to better nourish their children and families

This is just a snapshot of the impact our Meeting House church family has made, and continues to make, in Chamba and Mposa. Thank you for those in our community who have helped improved the lives of others through child sponsorship! To learn more about the work of World Vision Canada in Malawi, visit and

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