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Richmond Hill Compassion Statement

By actively engaging with local partners in compassion initiatives, see people in our church community continue to learn about and engage with the community of Richmond Hill and Markham, growing in their heart for serving others and living out what they’re learning on Sunday morning

Local Partners

Compassion 365
The mission of Compassion 365 is to become a catalyst in assisting individuals and communities actualize their ability to make a difference in the life of another through facilitating effective awareness and funds that will contribute to a constructive development of harmony and social inclusion.

Fight4Freedom is dedicated to battling human trafficking in the sex trade, ​seeing survivors set free, and giving beauty from ashes. They exist to be an active voice and advocate of justice for women and men exploited by human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation and to further assist them in finding necessary support systems that will aid in their journey to safety, healing and restoration.

Community Spaghetti Dinners
Members from the Richmond Hill site regularly organize a spaghetti dinner for 150 people in their community at the McConaghy Centre.

Please email Sandra Albione and Shyamala Pierce, the Richmond Hill Compassion Coordinators, with questions, suggestions, or to let us know how you’re serving in Richmond Hill.
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