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  • Tue 05 Dec

    Christmas Together | Christmas Eve 2017

    Christmas Together 2017

    This year we're doing someting new! For the first time ever, we are celebrating Christmas Eve across all our Regional Sites! 
    It's a great opportunity to come together in our local communities and connect with friends and neighbours, new and old, who make up the wonderful neighbourhoods were our sites meet on Sunday mornings. 

    For more info about service times and locations go to christmas

    Curious about what it looks like to spend Christmas...

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  • Sat 26 Aug

    Where Sunday School Failed Me

    Kids & Youth Curriculum

    When I was a youth pastor, I remember having a young man tell me that he had learned so much in his time with me. I was humbled, but curious what was behind him saying that to me, I asked him what it was that prompted him to say that. He told me that in his previous church experience, he had been taught stories from the Bible in a very detached way from his own life, and that sometimes they had a “punch line” of sorts but without any clear application to life, connection to Jesus...

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  • Thu 20 Jul

    THE "F" WORD


    (RE)UNION 9 of 10

    Just a friendly reminder today that the biblical word for “faith” ( pistis ) is the same word for “faithfulness” (also  pistis ). We are saved by faith (trust) which will manifest itself in a lifelong committed love relationship (faithfulness).

    It’s that way with any marriage isn’t it. When Nina and I were married, our vows to each other were a one time act of trust (faith), which means that we will now live in committed...

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  • Thu 13 Jul



    (RE)UNION 8 OF 10

    Self-transcendence (getting out of ourselves and connected to a higher reality) is what God designed us for. Like headphones, we aren’t really being what we were made to be until we are connected to a source of music beyond ourselves.

    We can transcend UP through things like prayer, meditation, worship, and simply waking up to an awareness of God’s presence all around us – what some have called “practicing the presence of God.”...

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  • Thu 06 Jul


    Praying hands

    (RE)UNION 7 OF 10

    Sometimes I hear from someone who says, “I like your book(s), but I disagree with you about religion – I think it’s a good thing.”

    Do we really disagree about religion? Or just about the word “religion”? Whatever the disagreement, I’ve seen both sides represented among a variety of Christian heavy hitters who use the word “religion” in apparently opposite ways. Consider…...

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  • Wed 21 Jun



    (RE)UNION 6 OF 10 – Read chapter 9 of  (re)union

    The good news of the kingdom meets our fundamental human need for  purpose   and  meaning   in life. On Sunday I said that the gospel of Jesus helps us wake up every morning with a clear and compelling reason to live another day:

    Our purpose in this life is to experience and extend the kingdom of God.

    In this post I’d like to address two other human needs that are fulfilled through the good news of...

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  • Mon 12 Jun



    (RE)UNION STUDY 5 of 10

    Why did Jesus cry out from the cross “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Did God turn away from Jesus during his crucifixion? Did the Father pour out his wrath on the Son in order to satisfy his own need for justice? Was that act of justice necessary for God to show us mercy?

    Christians have always agreed that Jesus “died for our sins” (1 Corinthians 15:3). In one of my favourite Bible passages, the apostle Paul says:

    He forgave...

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  • Mon 05 Jun


    God is love


    God is love.
    ~ The Apostle John (1 John 4:8, 16)

    I believe these are the three most beautiful words strung together in the English language:  God is love .

    However, to say “God is love” only communicates accurately if we know what love is. Is love an emotion? A sentimental sensation? A philosophical value? The Greek word used for love in 1 John 4 is  agape  (the Hebrew near equivalent would be  hesed ), which means an...

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  • Tue 30 May


    Gott Mit Uns belt buckles
    (RE)UNION STUDY 3 of 10 – Read Chapter 6 of  (re)union

    During WWII, the Nazi soldiers had the phrase “Gott Mit Uns” (God With Us) inscribed on belt buckles and rings. I used to own one of these belt buckles as a sorrowful reminder of the many ways the idea of God has been hijacked to support the work of Satan.

    Throughout history and still today, nations, armies, and terrorists have declared that God, or the gods, are on their side, standing for...

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  • Thu 18 May


    Tongue screw


    Welcome back to our  (re)union  series!

    In my last post I explained how this blog is being hijacked for the next few weeks while we work through the content of my new book, (re)union , via our current teaching series at The Meeting House. In this post I’ll share some follow up thoughts to the first Sunday message in the  (re)union  teaching series at The Meeting House and also list discussion questions for the first...

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