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Mennonite Central Committee

The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God’s love and compassion through relief, development, and peacebuilding.  Our partnership has been strong since it established in 2007, largely due to our shared anabaptists roots and MCC’s reputation in the international community for their quality relief and development practices.

Together with MCC, we partner across our Peacebuilders and Developing Disciples themes.

Peacebuilding: Peacemakers
Our annual Peacemakers campaign brings everyone together.  From the youngest and oldest community members, we rally together with MCC collecting Relief Kit items and contributing towards a financial goal that supports ongoing peacebuilding efforts at home and around the world.  Peacemakers supports four main areas:

  1. Restorative Justice in Ontario

  2. Reconciliation with our Indigenous Neighbours in Ontario

  3. Peacebuilding in Sub-Saharan Africa

  4. Humanitarian Relief (recently distributed in Jordan)

Developing Disciples: Repurpose + Learning Teams
Our annual Repurpose campaign challenges us to reflect on the value Jesus gives life, other people, and possessions.  We are encouraged to donate quality items to MCC’s Thrift Shops where they are sold at prices accessible to those living on low incomes.  Proceeds are invested into the work MCC is doing in Canada and around the world. Similarly, MCC has hosted learning teams for our community, continually inspiring and teaching us to see and respond to people and social issues as Jesus does.

Learn more about Peacebuilding in Ontario and Peacebuilding in sub-Saharan Africa.