The Meeting House

New here?general FAQs

By now, you have probably read our tagline that says we are a church for people who aren’t into church. "What does that even mean?", you might ask. That means we are trying to make space for those who’ve been turned off by traditional expressions of religion and Christianity. We are hoping that people might see this whole Jesus and God thing in a new light.

We have to admit right off the bat that this might not appeal to everyone -- and we don’t think it has to.

So what are we?

We function as a multi-site church with a main production site in Oakville, Ontario, and 18 regional sites across Ontario. Each of our sites is led by a Pastor(s) who oversees the staff and volunteer teams that help with setup for our adults, youth, and kids programs. On Sunday mornings we gather together across all our sites to sing, watch the teaching, volunteer, and hang out as part of a larger community. During the week we meet in smaller groups we call Home Churches where we dig deeper into the teaching and look for practical application in our lives– that’s where the really good stuff happens!

We also have Distance Groups that meet all around the world to connect and learn together. These are unofficial groups that track with our teaching and meet in small groups to discuss, pray and serve wherever they are. You can find out where groups are meeting here on Facebook