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Q and Eh?

Each week at our weekend services, we set time aside to answer your questions. Below is a sample list of video clips on Youtube that attempt, to the best of our ability, to answer some of the questions people text in.

Drop by our Youtube channel where we have a playlist for all of these. 

  • How do we know when our desires are partnered with Jesus?

  • Is God's forgiveness only given to a repentant sinner?

  • What do you say when someone asks you if you're religious?

  • Should we use the phrase "Word of God" to refer to scripture?

  • How do you justify the way you dress on Sunday morning?

  • How do we know our experience with Jesus is real?

  • Why did Jesus Send us a SON and not a Daughter?

  • How come Jesus doesn't know the date of the Second Coming?

  • How do we hasten the day of the Lord?

  • How important is it for Christians to define their beliefs?

  • Is an emphasis on doctrine and systems the answer to Christian liberalism?

  • How do we have free choice if God hardened Pharaoh's heart?

  • How do you know if you are falling away from faith?

  • If a Christian continues to sin the same sin over and over, do we still have salvation?

  • Does God want everyone to respond to his grace?