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We Believe
Christian Theology -- Learned, Loved and Lived

Jesus tells us to love God with our entire mind.  So this summer we’re going back to school.  “Systematic theology” may not sound exciting, but it is our opportunity to learn to think clearly about what we as Christ-followers hold as core truth and in understanding, better explain it to others.  What does the Bible say about Jesus, Salvation, the Church, and Final Judgment?  What do we hold in common with all Christians and what makes us distinct as Anabaptists?  We hope you’ll come with your Bibles, notebooks, thinking caps, and questions as we study what “We Believe”.

The "Drive Home" for this series is the content recorded at the "Theology After Party" on Sunday evenings with Bruxy.

Here are some books to read more on this topic:
  • An Exploration of Christian Theolgoy, by Don Thorsen (Hendrickson Publishers)
  • Across the Spectrum, 2nd Edition, by Gregory Boyd and Paul Eddy (Baker Academic)
  • Calvin vs. Wesley, by Don Thorsen (Abingdon Press)
Week 10: The Church and Mission

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