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Our Message Simplified: 
Jesus is Lord and he loves you.

Our mission is to develop lifelong followers of Jesus. We have the opportunity to engage with the kids and youth in our community every week through our kidmax and theUNDERGROUND programs, and we create our own teaching materials for both of these ministries.

Our approach is to teach stories within the context of the overarching Biblical narrative, so that kids and youth can learn individual stories, where those stories fit in the larger context of the Bible, and where they as people fit into God’s story. During the school year, our teaching will cover the Old Testament, life of Jesus, and the Early Church.

Each week of our teaching is framed around four key elements:
  • God Story: a portion of the Biblical narrative, looking at key Biblical characters
  • Life Story: a real life example of kingdom living that brings God Story to life
  • My Story: application activities
  • Our Story: resources for families to apply at home
Looking to track along with what your kids are learning in kidmax? Check out our Parent Blog for lesson recaps, video resources, and at home activities to continue your child’s story at home.

Resources for Churches and Other Organizations

We want our Kids & Youth Teaching to be a resource for anyone who needs or wants to use it. All we ask is that you let us know you’re interested in tracking along! If you’re ready to connect with us, complete this simple form.

To help make our materials a little more user friendly we've put together a few documents to help you as you get started:
  • “A Quick Start Guide to Kids & Youth Teaching at The Meeting House,” a document outlining our mission and vision for curriculum.
  • Classroom supply lists, by age group, which contain everything we normally stock in our own classrooms, including books and music you may need for the lessons.
  • Release schedules outlining the learning content for each age group, by month.
Click here to access these documents.

If you'd like to connect with someone about these materials, email

A Note to Outside Organizations:

The Meeting House Kids & Youth Teaching has been designed for The Meeting House ministries. Any church using our teaching is responsible to determine the suitability of the teaching and materials for their own context and The Meeting House takes no responsibility for misuse. These materials are made available for the use of Churches, their children’s and/or youth ministries, and/or other organizations intending to disciple kids as followers of Jesus. By using our Kids & Youth Teaching, you agree to our terms of use as outlined below:
  • All users agree to maintain the original integrity of the materials provided.
  • All users agree to not redistribute materials as their own content.
  • All users agree that The Meeting House will not be liable for injury or loss of any kind associated with the use of the materials.